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Micro Distribution-As-A-Service

Boost your sales by adopting Micro Distribution-As-A-Service

Discover the unparalleled advantages of CACZero revolving round creating a network of micro distributors who engage in on-selling and promoting the product or service. Leverages our patented technology to streamline the process, precise targeting, track transactions, and ensure transparent commission distribution.


Micro Distribution-as-a-Service

Enable your clients / subscribers to help you sell the product / service. Make them your distributors


Enable referral for your product / service in minutes


If you are hiring an affiliate, or making your client an affiliate, CACZero can provide an end-to-end system to enable this association.

Ecommerce store-as-a-service

Build your e-commerce store in minutes. Make one for free on CACZero.

Product video-as-a-service

Enhance your personalized connections through Videos. Make your referrals interactive.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your existing Web2 ecommerce channels in minutes

KYC Compliance

Complete KYC

Customization Options

Customize the messaging / fields / UI

Payment Gateways

Integrated payment gateways - INR / USD / Coinbase

Diverse Functions

Options to Buy / Sell / Generate Leads / Refer / Become a Micro-entrepreneur

Business Onboarding

No Website, No Problems. We can create One

Why Web3?

Protecting Digital Identities in a decentralized space.

Gaining trust & transparency in all deals.

Reduction of cost.

Why Web3?

Protecting digital assets / services purchased

Reduction of unnecessary expenses in marketing.

Protection from illegal usage of the personal data by spammers and digital marketing companies

Delivering Amazing Results

up to 32%

Increase in sales

up to 73%

More visibility

up to 89%

Reduction in cost


Client satisfaction

Guaranteed revenue attribution system in realtime in Web3

Act Micro, Impact Macro - The scalability is limitless with Micro Distribution

Empower your community

Incentivize every subscriber to be your sales advocate by design.

Simple API based integration to your sales website

Widget, ApI & SDK based integrations

Define campaigns and payouts per product

Flexibility to micro define the campaigns.

Transparent & traceable transactions for everyone

Verify transactions on blockchain 24*7

Journey so far

Who all are already using our solution?


We enable collaborative pooling and revenue sharing of content between partner platforms, besides an end-to-end system for OTT setup.


Help Insurance companies and Insurance brokers by empowering the consumers for expanding their distribution network and on-selling their plans


Enable percolation of reasonable treatment to the needy for critical ailments like Cancer.


We support temples with an end-to-end system in expanding the devotee network and spreading the message of various services and for their donation needs.


Provide an end-to-end system for enabling the ecommerce businesses to go digital and leverage the power of their community for expanding sales.

Data Security

Provide a platform to enable P2P sale and distribution of blockchain-based, data security tool

In pipeline

Mutual funds, Theatres, Cinema, Airdrops

How does it help the business?

Expand Market Reach

Reach New Horizons

CACZero opens the doors to untapped markets and audiences. By leveraging your network of your micro distributors, you can extend your reach beyond your current customer base. Explore new geographic regions, demographics, and industries, reaching potential buyers you might have never connected with otherwise.

Cost-Effective Growth

Efficient Scaling

CACZero offers a cost-effective path to growth. Instead of hefty marketing budgets, you rely on the combined efforts of your micro distributors. This collaborative approach allows you to scale your sales enhancement strategy efficiently without breaking the bank.

Precision Targeting

Focused Marketing

CACZero enables precise targeting. Micro distributors are often well-acquainted with their networks, allowing them to match your products or services with the right audience. This ensures that your marketing efforts are more effective and result in higher conversion rates.

Secure and Transparent Transactions

Built on Trust and Transparency

CACZero leverages blockchain and Web3 technologies. This ensures privacy guaranteed, secure and transparent transactions. Every referral, sale, or commission is recorded in an immutable ledger, providing both you and your micro distributors with a clear view of the process.

Enhance Brand Visibility

Stand Out in the Market

CACZero transforms your micro distributors into brand advocates. Their marketing efforts, whether through referrals, affiliate marketing, or direct sales, bring your brand into the spotlight. This heightened visibility sets you apart from competitors and positions your brand as an industry leader.

Maximize Sales Opportunities

Unlock Unlimited Sales Potential

Micro Distribution amplifies your sales opportunities. With a network of dedicated micro distributors actively promoting your products or services, you increase the likelihood of conversions. Each referral, recommendation, or sale contributes to revenue growth.

The Approach

01 Integration of CACZero with your existing Platform

Sign up to integrate CACZero to your business & complete the KYC to get access to your dashboard. The platform is designed to seamlessly merge with your existing systems either with APIs or simple HTML widget. It can accommodate businesses with no digital presence too.

02 Micro Distributor Enrollment

The heart of Micro Distribution lies in your diverse network of individuals or entities that will become your brand advocates, driving sales and expanding your reach. It brings fresh perspectives and new connections into your sales strategy.

03 Configure Payment Gateway to receive all Payment

Receive new orders and payments effortlessly - Our integration includes multiple payment gateways such as Razorpay, and UPI (India), Stripe (International), ensuring that payments are directly deposited into your bank account.

04 Effortless Sales Enhancement

Micro distributors can either use referral links or affiliate marketing to make it easy to on-sell & track their efforts and earn commissions on successful conversions. They can actively promote products or services through their channel or various marketing channels, including social media, blogs, or dedicated product listings.

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