Micro Distribution

Fostering a collaborative and decentralized approach to distribution,
while emphasizing fair attribution.

Understand what partners are doing, where they are going and who they are connecting with.

A Smart Contract that helps you get MORE

For Brands / Advertisers / Publishers / Event Managers / Tokens

Activate Cost Per Action (CPA) model today!

Guaranteed revenue attribution system in realtime in Web3

Act Micro, Impact Macro - The scalability is limitless with Micro Distribution

Empower your community

Incentivize every subscriber to be your sales advocate by design.

Simple API based integration to your sales website

Well documented API integration process

Transparent & traceable transactions for everyone

Verify transactions on blockchain 24*7

Define campaigns and payouts per product

Flexibility to micro define the campaigns.


Incredible insights on referrer, sales queue, advocate actions, revenue attribution between all parties, transactions and more.

Referral Program

Pay Users / Influencers / Advertisers as % or fixed amount of user value generated Value-Based Pricing for each product

The construct of the Micro-Distribution Web3-based program eliminates the usage of bots and gives advertisers and brands real data and real users.

Ease of Integration for Web2 / Web3 flows

Integrate our widget to get started in minutes or read our APIs for integration

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How it works

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Connect the engine to activate future of affiliate marketing

Design Campaigns

Create customised programs for tens of thousands of your products

Empower your Advocates

Give your advocates the tools to become your influencers

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Increase revenues thru your advocates and accelerate growth

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